My Favorite Collard Greens Recipes


I adore summer veggies…sun-ripened tomatoes are my absolute favorite (even though they are technically fruit, I still claim them to be my favorite veggie!). Gotta say I love squash and zucchini in July, too. Grilled, Steamed, cooked down with bacon drippings and onions in Aunt Gee’s fabulous concoction. Eggplant, well what’s not to love about fried eggplant?

However, when the temperature begins to drop and the leaves change colors, I am ready for greens. Of course,  the Southern gal I am, I need pork fat in my greens. A big chunk of salt pork seasons the greens like nothing else. Same goes for cooking purple hull peas. (The secret to those, in my opinion, is to cook them all day long.)

I have noticed several recipes for greens lately…collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens. One recipe changed the way I cook greens! Paula Deen’s Collard Green Won Tons are truly decadent. They are. I have tried them, loved them and sworn to never make them again. I just can’t stop at one. But…I started adding a dash of garlic powder to my collard greens when cooking them after making this recipe. You would not believe how that one addition transforms the greens I have known and loved. Claire Robinson, Food Network Star of 5 Ingredient Fix, uses paprika as a substitution for pork for that subtle smoky flavor. The Lee Brothers have also substituted paprika for their Sneaky Greens. If you do not have a copy of their cookbook, The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook, you must immediately purchase a copy. No, like right now. Stop reading. Do it. You can thank me later. I am impatiently waiting for their new cookbook, Simple Fresh Southern. Even though they are technically transplants, (sorry, boys!) they can hang with the best of us in the Deep South. This month’s Southern Living showcased two ways with greens…one the traditional Southern cook’s way and the other a new and improved version. Can’t wait to try the updated version.

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  1. tastebudtart Says:

    mmmm. collard greens! I do miss Southern cookin’ way up here in Minneapolis. I like to use smoked paprika in mine, instead of the ham hock. Keeps vegetarians + meat eaters all happy + full!

  2. Staff Says:

    I bet you do! You’re always welcome here:)

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